Having just been bitten by the blogging bug and the notion that there might be people out there prepared to read something I’ve written, I couldn’t resist this week’s WordPress  writing challenge

Email salutations should not be an issue. As someone said in the comments page “email is really not a divisive issue”. They are right in principle but in practice it’s a different story. Or maybe it’s just me.

I’ve found myself on many occasions writing an email in a few seconds then agonising over whether to go with Hi, Dear, Good Morning or some other option. It’s crazy I know but I just can’t help myself. I wouldn’t count myself as a ditherer, but I’m probably not the best judge of that, so why does it cause me such a problem?

I’m just old enough to remember the days before email was around. Who am I kidding I remember black and white TV, but only just. So could it be that old habits die hard and years of trying to get the right etiquette when writing a letter remains buried in my mind? If you remember writing letters then I suppose it must stay with you it can’t just vanish so there probably is something in that.

Maybe it’s a fear that its yet another symptom of slipping social standards. But I reckon that since I recently managed to cope with seeing the British Prime Minister appearing in a One Direction video, without feeling the need to write to No 10 expressing my discomfort, then the social standards thing doesn’t bother me too much.

I do think that the context of the email has an impact on my thought process and potential for dithering. If I receive an email from a client or potential client which starts “Dear Ian” I’m thrown into a mild panic. How do I respond? “Hi” would be my usual approach. But that might not go down well with them and they may never spend another penny with my business. So the dither begins and I run through all the options over and over again. As I write this I realise how ludicrous a notion this might seem so god knows what anyone still with me at this stage must be thinking.

Non work emails are easier I display an unwavering loyalty to “Hi”. I’ve no idea why I just do.

The contributor who said “there’s a lot of big stuff going on in the world…this is a non issue” is absolutely right. So I won’t waste any more of your time on it.

Best wishes, regards, yours sincerely, yours faithfully or whatever!!